Kamis, 13 Juli 2017

turns out i've always been that poetic, hopeless romantic girl everyone's been mocking about HAHAHA (read: baperan)

i've just read my own fictions (?) that were written in like 2013, and, bro, my diction was so poetic. it was beautiful actually (mainly bcs it's my own writing, so it suits my style) but it's kinda cringy. like, i wouldn't let any of my friends read that lmao i like it but at the same time, no my friends can't read that. i'd be exposed.

so basically, i don't hate my own writing. i like how i depict my character's feelings and emotions with so much detail but.. bro i lack plot elaboration a lot. i would write "his face is red" but then i forgot to explain why, it's stupid. and my sentence pattern is far too complex sometimes, not that "kalimat efektif" kind my bahasa indonesia teacher would preach me about.

AHH but really, i really want to write a lot right now. maybe this is just that #justintrovertsthings we all know about lmao  i can't fully express myself through my speech, but when i'm writing i feel like i can be completely naked... (not literally, you know what i mean)

sedikit curhat: i once wrote a fic about a dying lover (i know, cliche) and i used a star analogy. the worst part, i was studying astronomy at the same time. so it became somehow scientific, and 100% more cringy. ugh.

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