Kamis, 06 Juli 2017



i thought 'taking naruto way too seriously' was just a one time thing that would subside immediately as soon as i finish the series. turns out, it's not (!!!!!!) :( maybe sasusaku being finally canon is partially the reason why i just can't seem to move on from this series :(( WHY ARE THEY SO QT :(

actually i kinda need to do other things to function as a human being but dude this couple just gets me every time, it's mad. i can go scrolling about their doujinshi for like 2 hours nonstop, giggling to myself. they're just so.... idk sweet, cute, dreamy :")

i love them, like, i really do. i can go around rambling about them 24/7 if you want, they're mad cute. but there are just certain people who can't accept this couple and i just ugh dude open your eyes. they've been canon all along ok. analyze their backstory geez.


(((((yak ris)))))))))((((((responsibelleries mau dikemanain)))))))

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