Rabu, 28 Juni 2017

guilty pleasure: takes naruto way too seriously

it's settled, naruhina has one of the best love story of all time. they're just too precious together i can't :((( love that isn't built from just sweet and cutesy lovey dovey stuffs, but rather admiration and trust and the will to protect and support each other, THIS IS THE ROMANCE I'M WEAK FOR :((

she didn't ask for more, not even his acknowledgement. she just wants to give her best for him, she's not afraid to die protecting him. she's not loud in showing her affection, but she's always there.

they say, "loving gives you courage, while being loved gives you strength." this is exactly what happens to them AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL :(

my feels are going dksdhsjdhskj right now.

i've always had sasusaku as my otp right from the start and up until now. but never have i realized that naruhina can be that beautiful too...

unconditional love like sasuke-sakura, naruto-hinata, and meruem-komugi (hxh) are to die for.

Rabu, 21 Juni 2017

oh god stupid me.

but no matter what i wanna do, i can't take down this so-called defense mechanism. it's a wall i can't even get through, and it's just stupid. thinking about this makes me realize that i'm so weak.

inferiority complex, eh?

i think i've got one too.

i still remember what you said. "lu terlalu gengsi, ris."

little did you know what this gengsi is all about.

i don't wanna be a little kid who seek acceptance for what i did no more. i want to change. i know myself more than you do, and i wanna change. you want me to change.

but it's not that easy when you've been trapped in it for years?

reckon i even hurt some people along the way.

you might say i'm emo, like a teenager going through puberty. but it's frustrating for me too. i desperately wanna do something to make it better, but really, i don't know how to start. by facing it head on? damn if something goes wrong i'm literally gonna bury myself alive.

believe me, it's not just you who thinks i need to change. i do too. but i don't know how, and frankly as weak as it may sound, i really do need support. still, how can i get that?

what is the root problem of this all? can i blame somebody else for this?

i should've done something else instead of writing this :(

when instead of getting angry and frustrated at that good-guy-gone-bad main character in a story you start sympathizing with them and understand why they're like that.. damn.

damn the perks of neglecting responsibilities tho (:(((((()

i'm now watching naruto from episode 1 again and wow until some time ago i was so angry at sasuke, like he was so stupid, living for revenge, begrudging someone to the point he almost kills like literally everyone in this world like what the fuck babe.

but then, damn. it's expected of him actually. that guy actually has some serious mental illness. ((reading psychological articles has finally come in handy LOL hm))

he wasn't a super talented genius like his brother, he was always the jealous type, he's always grown that inferiority complex inside of him the whole time, his father didn't acknowledge him as much as he hoped him to. this isn't a good thing for a kid development, everybody knows that. but it was alright, at least until the only person he trusted with all his might wiped out his entire family. how fucked up is it. and as if it couldn't get worse, itachi told him that he didn't matter much, that he should despise him if he wanted to get revenge.

wow, hold on itachi are you like dumb?? sasuke was like 7 YEARS OLD HIS MIND WAS SO PLASTIC. everything you, a beloved older brother the only one he trusted so much, said to him would get through his head and remained there for like, i would say forever but apparently  it's 12 years............(he came back to his senses when he was 19 in the manga so yea)

that guy developed inferiority complex at such a super young age, was told by somebody to be an avenger above anything, and on top of those, literally alone for couple of years. not to mention his introverted nature just got the worst of him, he couldn't talk to anybody about it.


man i feel sorry for him. he doesn't deserve this.

i was so mad at first. why was sasuke so damn frustrating? he left the village, killed everyone along the way, was so effin immature about everything, cocky and jealousy and evil.

but now i'm, as the saying goes, disappointed but not surprised. lol. it's actually expected of him to be like that. maybe if he was that super talented genius like his bro he wouldn't turn out that way, but he wasn't. so he sought power in apparently the wrong direction, he was drowned way too deep. lucky he finally found the way out tho.

people always say that masashi kishimoto really fucks up this character big time but i think this is brilliant. the character development is really great. it's just that we really need to break this down a little more to really see it.

naruto's character development is simple. he's a guy who has the "never give up" nature, he was shunned but he got up, and fortunately has a really strong beast inside of him too to make everything simple. but sasuke is so so so complicated. you can't really understand what he's going to do next. but still, it's on track.

Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

immature me (always) strikes [again]

all of these concepts and analysis about one's character and what makes them the way they are is so fascinating to me. it's always been so mesmerizing that i can't stop reading about it.

it whoops the heck out of your judgmental ass real quick with just the right amount. reading is indeed a window to the world, eh?

let's try to stop being so judgmental towards others. let's appreciate their choices, people always have explanations behind their action. judging won't do anything about it. it's hard tho but i guess i can learn one baby step at a time?